“Empowerment happens when we realize we have what it takes to make a difference, and choose to do so.”  Maria R. Palacios

Welcome to CripStory, a blog I have created with the purpose of sharing experiences, memories, lessons, poems and other aspects of my personal journey as a woman with a disability.  It is my hope to empower other women (and men) with disabilities to discover and embrace their own personal power and to offer awareness about disability rights, disability and sexuality, positive body image and self-esteem, historical and cultural views of disability and much more.

Below are some of the themes you can look forward to reading in future blogs:

Love, Sex & Relationships

Personal Confessions

Poetry and Poetic Excerpts

The importance of positive language as we relate to the disabled body

Growing Up Disabled:  Childhood stories and other memories

Disability Humor

Disability related news, updates, critiques and advocacy

Exclusive updates on Maria’s latest work, projects and workshops



I look forward to opening this window into yet another aspect of myself as an advocate and  creative spirit.


With Love & Gratitude,


Maria R. Palacios

The Goddess on Wheels