How arrogant of me. -I guess some would see me as arrogant for publishing the massive volumes of poetry that Poetic Confessions evolved into.   I suppose I can see why some would see me as being arrogant when big volumes and poetic anthologies are usually reserved for the famous poets and writers. -Mainly the dead ones.  How dare I, a living and breathing disabled woman with words that speak of crip as something powerful rather than pitiful self-publish as if I were a celebrity…a famous poet?

The answer is simple:  I blame my Wild Muse for it.  It’s her.  Not me.   I write because I can’t breathe without it.  I write because writing is the only true connection to life and love and sanity I have.  I write because I feel that somehow someone will hear me, and read me, and love me.  I write because I am a hopeless poet and an eternal romancer of love and life.   I write because I don’t know how not to.  I don’t know how to bend my words in ways that don’t become what they become: poems, confessions, stories of love.   And it is with immense love that I bring to you this second massive volume of poetry through which I share perhaps, the most intimate poems of my life so far.   Poetic Confessions, Volume II promises to take you through a poetic journey like no other.   The poems in this three-hundred page collection will take you deep into some very intimate experiences as a disabled woman.

Divided into three chapters of very intense poetry, Poetic Confessions, Volume II shares various aspects of my life including things  never before shared with anyone-much less so publicly.   The first chapter, Maria Full Of Sin, has narrative poetry that takes the reader through some of the most personal times in my life as well as very sexy and Rated “R” material that should definitely be kept away from minors.  The second Chapter, Wild Muse, is a chapter of passionate love poetry that will make you vividly feel the energy of loving someone and falling in love.   And finally, the last chapter, My Vagina Manifesto And Other Feminist Poems, is a chapter through which I pour love over some of the women I love and admire as well as honoring the energy of Woman and our power.  The Sins Invalid piece, My Vagina Manifesto after which the final chapter is named is also included in this collection.   Needless to say, this latest baby of mine, is one I am very proud of and very much want to share with the world.

I guess in some ways I am arrogant.-Arrogant for simply assuming others would want to embrace my work and sit down with a three hundred page book between their hands.  I must be arrogant for holding my own books and reading them and re-reading them with so much love that I become consumed by the energy of my own words.   I must be arrogant for wanting to share my messages of love and crip power without having to wait for some Publishing House to endorse and accept my words.  I am arrogant for wanting things my way and making them happen my way, and for not waiting for other people’s approval of what is beautiful, or what is poetic or what is publishable.  I simply give birth to words, and then they grow up into books of their own.   Like I said, I blame my woman muse for it all .

I invite you to check out this arrogant massive collection of poetry that will make you want to sit down and read the whole book in one seating.   I dare say this book is like muse food.   Even if you don’t have a disability, or you don’t give a fuck about disability issues, you will find something in this book that makes you love poetry and makes you fall in love with my muse.