Crip social justice is like

putting icing on the icing

because social justice is supposed to include


people across the board

and all those who’d begged the good Lord for social change

because the chains

that oppressed our rights

are still there,

just with a different name…

a different flavor

of bigotry.


Crip social justice is

having to reinvent the wheel

because otherwise

people forget we can feel

the weight of ignorance

suffocating our truths

like crip fake news, or

like changing our stories

to able-bodied happy endings

that do not fit our bodies

or a true representation

of our disabled lives.


Crip social justice is

us having to declare war

on ableism

while being at war

with our own bodies

because we’ve been doing it for so long

that we have pretty much forgotten

how it’s done

when we don’t have to fight for something….

when we don’t have to feel

left out,




left to die,


forced to invent an able-bodied version

of ourselves

in order to exist.


Crip social justice is

recognizing that we can manage our own lives

from our crip beds,

from our wheelchairs,

from our scent free sacred spaces,

from our personal quiet places,

and still be


and capable

and able to love


and the world

even though the world

doesn’t always

love us



Crip social justice is

learning to look back

through the lens of forgiveness

while knowing that time

doesn’t always heal



Crip social justice is

the realization that we are still whole

although we have been labeled





Crip social justice is

knowing we have what it takes

to deliver ourselves

from ignorance –the true evil

we must eliminate

for it is the womb

of all fears….

the womb

of all isms.


Crip social justice is

learning to say no!

No more hiding our scars.

No more trying to become

something we’re not.

Social justice is

letting you know

that we do not owe you inspiration.

Our stories, like our bodies

belong to us!

Our voices are the only ones

with the right to sing our song,

our crip song of rebellion and

collective liberation….

our crip song

of unapologetic crippleness

as we reclaim the word crip

as something beautiful,

and powerful

and worthy of love.


Crip social justice is

pouring love over our painful history

but never forgetting that it happened,

never negating the fact

that we were able to rise

above the walls of shame and oppression

that condemned our differences to institutions,

sentenced us to death

burned us at the stake

for the sake

of normality.


Crip social justice is

realizing we are still thrown in institutions,

sentenced to death by invisibility

while our humanity burns away


for the sake

of normality.


Crip social justice is

having to peel the layers

of our own internalized ableism

when we realize we have been oppressing

each other

by segregating ourselves in little groups

like the blind with the blind,

the rollers with the rollers,

the deaf with the deaf and on and on…

and in doing so

we have been feeding the same monsters

we have been trying to kill.


Crip social justice is

learning there are monsters to kill

and knowing we don’t have to do it alone

because we are a movement,

a live root,

a force,

a source of power.


Crip social justice is

knowing our power

doesn’t have to fit

a nondisabled mold.

We don’t have to chase an able-bodied dream

in order to fit in,

in order to validate

our humanity.


Crip social justice is

knowing we are adding icing to the icing,

but doing it any way

because it’s what we have to do

to get to the damn cake in the first place

while others have their cake

and eat it too.


Crip social justice is

learning to say:

My body is not your apology.

You don’t have to help me look

for a way out


Crip social justice is

being able to say that

without guilt.


Crip social justice means





the various sections of our uniqueness

as individual parts

able to recognize themselves

as whole.


Crip social justice is

cripping our way through life

making the word crip a verb

more out of necessity

than pride….

more out of survival

than love

because unless we conjugate our truths

and exercise our rights

they will be sentenced to death

along with our bodies.


Crip social justice is

unlearning the lies

we’ve bee forced to believe.

It means we understand inclusion

as it really is

with everybody

and every body

leaving nobody behind

unless that’s what they choose to do.

It means that we respect that choice

even if don’t agree with it.


Crip social justice means

unwrapping ourselves slowly

but surely

knowing we’re OK being ourselves

although it took us years

to get there….in that space

of self-acceptance

that allows us to claim

Crip Pride,

Crip Power,



as a positive identity

rather than a curse

or the worst possible outcome

of life’s

sick sense of humor.


Crip social justice is

being able to laugh at life’s sense of humor

but not forgetting

that our disabled bodies,

our disabled lives

are NEVER a joke,

never a mistake, never

an unfortunate accident….

a wrongful birth.

We are never a punishment or a sin.



are simply meant to be.

We come in peace,

and although we do want

a piece

of the cake,

we will bake our own cake, and

we do not need the icing.


Our truths

are no longer ashamed

to be




Maria R. Palacios Copyright 2017