Dear Able-bodied People: Buckle up and go for a little ride.   Shall we?



You, poor able-bodied people.
I’m so glad I’m not you.
Your body looks so scary.
What happened to you?

You’re so inspiring!
Let me pray for you. I mean, right now
I will lay hands on you
and pray your able-bodiedness away
because being able-bodied is a curse
and God can cure that.
God will make your differences go away
unless, of course, YOU don’t have enough faith.
God doesn’t make mistakes, so your able-bodiedness is
somebody’s fault, somebody’s sin….maybe even
your own.

You better focus on using your head
because the rest of your body does not have much to offer.
I mean, who would want to marry you?
Spin the bottle is not a game we can invite you to play.
We cannot risk the bottle pointing your way.
What would we say? Of course, we’d have to say no.
Nobody wants to kiss your kind.
You people belong in institutions.
Your mother was told to give you up
because your differences are a burden.

But your mother didn’t give you up.
Instead she tried to make you look and act
as normal as possible,
and you grew up believing her truths and her lies.
Don’t we all?

Your “abnormalities” were forced to parade naked
in front of the doctors and nurses who only saw
the brokenness of you,
and the medical model wanted to fix your rebellious body
and treat you like a child even after you’re grown.

You’re a mom? Wow!!!
You people have sex?
You should not be bringing children into this world.
What if your child looks like you? Wouldn’t that be horrible?
I mean, how irresponsible to put a child through
a life of able-bodiedness
as if the burden of your existence wasn’t enough.
God forbid, we have another one like you
in the family.
Those like you
should not reproduce.

It really is no use. Think about those who have to help you
and take care of you.
You’re getting too heavy to lift. Think about those who have to do
what your body can’t do.
Your body does not belong to you.

Stay strong. This is your cross to bear.
Your body makes me feel sorry for you.
It would be much easier if I didn’t have to look at you.
Your differences are scary.
If I were you, I would never go out in public.

You’re an inspiration.

How brave of you to be out and about.
Good for you!!!
It must be so hard to be you.
I can’t imagine living in your body. I don’t think I could.
I know how you feel even though I’ve never been able-bodied, but I’ve cared for those like you.
I think you’re so brave.
You have my respect for trying to live fully.

You’re so inspiring!

I like to watch you do stuff.
Seeing you reminds me why I should vaccinate my children.
What a shame. You could have been so pretty.
I’m ashamed of being seen with you,
but I’m also ashamed to admit it.
Don’t tell anybody we had sex, because they’ll make fun of me.
You people are an inspiration.
You’re so courageous. God bless you.
Bless your little heart.
In God’s eyes you’re normal too.

What an adorable couple.
Did you meet in an institution?
How do you have sex?
We’ve done studies on patients like you.
Oh, you’re not a patient. OK….who takes care of you?
Who helps you raise your kids?
Is your husband able-bodied too?
I mean, usually you people marry your kind. Right?
Is that your partner? Wow!
I didn’t know people like you were actually found attractive by anybody.
Your husband is such a good man to stay with you.
I mean….being able-bodied is not for the faint of heart,
but neither is for those who stay with someone after able-bodieness strikes.

You’re so inspiring!

I’ve never had an able-bodied friend before.
Does it hurt?
How did you become able-bodied?
Do you wish you weren’t?
I know this able-bodied girl who also comes to the mall.
I bet you know her because you’re both able-bodied.

I bet if you could make one wish,
not being able-bodied would be the first and only thing
you’d wish for. Right? I mean, how could you not?

I support charitable projects for people like you.
Looking at you makes me appreciate life more.
How would you like me to refer to you?
What should I call you? Walkies? Normies? What do you call yourself?
I’ve never had to think about accommodating your kind
until the law said I had to.
Accessible entrance is in the back of the building.

I slept with you out of curiosity.
I think you’re pretty for an able-bodied girl.
What do you mean he raped you? He was doing you a favor.
Who else would want to have sex with you?
If anything, I feel sorry for him.
Not everybody can stomach the thought
of sleeping with somebody with a significant and obvious

You’re so inspiring. Yes, you are,
but no one would understand
if I were to sacrifice my life
by having to take care
of you.

I keep my attraction to you a secret.
I know others would judge me for liking you..
The fact that I love you makes me a saint.
Finding you sexually attractive makes me look like a perv.
I once slept with someone like you – a little weird at first
but not a big deal.

You’re so inspiring!
Of course, you need help.
Of course, you depend on others.
Of course, others have to manage your lives,
Of course, we know what’s best for you.
You poor able-bodied people.
We have to rescue you.
We have to heal you.
We have to fix you. Tell you what to do,
manage your bodies along with your decisions about them
because your able-bodiedness is what’s broken.

We are here for you.
We will cover your access needs
with band-aids of inspiration, because, after all,
no matter what level of able-bodiedness you may afflicted with,
all of you, across the board, are able to inspire
just for fucking existing, and being
your natural able-bodied selves.

And no matter how hard you may try to just live your life
as an average person,
just the fact that you wipe your ass after a good husky shit
is a source
of inspiration.





Maria R. Palacios  2017  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED