If men were to catcall disabled women,

I imagine it would be like

the world has flipped upside down

and disabled women were

suddenly found to be sexy,

and just passing by

would mean being exposed to unwanted shit like:

“Luscious crip curves mamacita!

Hey Gorgeous.  Can you give me a ride?

Sexy scars!

Babe on Wheels!

Hey Sexy spokes! 

Spastic is Fantastic.

Your cane is as sexy as you!

Take off your leg. Don’t make me beg.

Your walker makes me wanna jump your bones!

You can roll over my toes.

Anything for you, Hot Wheels!!!

Can I have a lap dance?

Can you give me a chance?

Pretty Woman rolling down the street…

She feels the earth move under her wheels…

Those boots ain’t meant for walkin’….

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin



But disabled women don’t get catcalled.

We get dogged down and accused of undesirability,

We get told over and over

that disability

is something to be fixed…


to be avoided.

So, instead

we get assaulted

by words of pity and fear

while pretending we’re not really here

or wishing we did not exist.


We get assaulted by ableism

or inspiration porn


“God bless you.

How amazing you are

for wanting to keep loving life.

I’m so sorry.

Bless your heart.

I will pray for you.

I will pray for you to heal.

May I lay hands on you

in the name of the Lord?”


And good Lord, and God forbid

if anyone were to even conceive

the thought

of catcalling disabled women

because in the real world,

doing so

would make you look perverted and cruel

for feeding false hopes to a cripple,

or even worse

finding one attractive

would make you

a perv,

and you’re not one of those.


Are you?





Copyright  © 2017 Maria R Palacios